In Kotlin, every entity is represented as an object, including functions. Therefore, like all other objects, functions also have a specific type. The function type describes the Quantity and Type of parameters, which assumes a function, as well as the Type of value it returns, without mentioning the function name. Function types allow functions to be used as values ​​and stored in variables, passed as arguments to other functions or used as return values.

The function type in Kotlin is represented as follows:

First, let's consider a simple function that has no parameters (takes no arguments) and returns no return value.

This function has type Unit.

The empty pair of parentheses () indicates that there are no parameters. The arrow -> separates the parameter list from the return type. The key word Unit indicates that the function does not return a value, but only performs an action. The guy Unit is a special type in Kotlin that is used as the return type of functions that do not have a return.

And now let's look at several functions that have predefined return values. Based on this information, we try to derive their function types.

Knowing the type of a function tells us about the expected input parameters and the returned value of a function. This helps in the correct use of functions, allows for better code readability, and reduces the likelihood of errors.

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