Our Kotlin tutorial offers you an easy way to get started with the topic and expand your knowledge step by step. The content is deliberately written in an understandable way so that developers without experience or even people without programming knowledge can get started with Kotlin development.

You start with the basics such as installing the development environment on your computer and creating the first project.

You will then be guided through the theoretical learning content from topic to topic:

  • First, the Basics of the Kotlin language such as the structure of a program, definition of variables, data types, operations with numbers, data arrays, etc. are explained.
  • Then you enter the functional programming. You will learn why functions are necessary and what you can achieve with them. In practical exercises you will familiarize yourself with the definition of functions and their parameters in code. You'll also learn about different function types, how to use lambda expressions in your code, and more.
  • After functional programming has been successfully understood and sufficiently practiced, the Basics of object-oriented programming explains: classes and objects, properties and methods, getters and setters, dealing with null and nullable types (special feature of Kotlin) and much more.
  • This is followed by a special type of data organization: Collections. These are used to manage and process groups of data in Kotlin.
  • The theoretical part concludes Coroutines and asynchronous threads that are used to increase the performance of an application.

IMPORTANT: Exercises are offered for each chapter. If you work through all of these tasks independently with appropriate hard work and ambition, you can assume that you have acquired a solid basic knowledge of Kotlin.

Finally, this will be Framework Ktor is covered in detail and a fully functional program is developed as part of a separate chapter.

In other words, the goal is that anyone who has understood and worked through the contents of this website will be able to implement their own simple project - be it an app, a web application or a backend application.

You will gain further in-depth knowledge through practical experience. The more you program yourself, the deeper you can delve into details and develop new knowledge and skills.

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